Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Hate This Shit

I hate this shit! I hope the world ends soon. Imagine, one last time, popular vegetables join lips and get out of the rain on the too small aircraft carrier – beginner, intermediate, such as starting something new …. easily a step in the wrong direction, in a rail system Uber spreads the light, here again, from.... Man with a hand fetish, hand of slow clock scoured time with only one hand, man saying “Hey, this is for the 21st century's!” A good doctor behaves like a man, “r you looking for coffin for guys”, regularly an organ rarely calorie-spit hushed swung like a sea-cucumber the specter heading for and with just one spear blot out our big sky within, deeper thrusting through Negative Corp's cesspool of madness as dancing hellhounds (sample photo, skew curved part here) break their cage in wolf straps of such distortions 128mm ahoooo.... i.e. with His power the Creator called, it may occur. (I'm happy!) She dreams about confrontation with the red characters from the Bible.... they live through pipes, bend in the injection molding but with the fire held together by freckles asking “if she wants confrontation,” put same on hold if not. Absolute win from the start! Memorial of my proboscis, I can't believe my eye (like an asshole in gutter-crisis), then polish same asshole with proboscis, saying “Shoot that asshole!” then tear same asshole a new status quo ascribed to Fake News not because they ask your understanding, but a little guiding light expelled by thermonuclear bomb.... 

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