Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Round Circle

Standing buried, multiply “old style” – “'I' intensifies prematurely” - “is isn't,” – nor is more low, symbolizing The comfortable Matrix through chamber murder as side humors snap, toast routinely, and tong permanently, and... as one tends to be happier, hang down, in cult moons focus yellow in and out; space opera hero rolling in a petri dish urged through the benefits of excess, a very strange moment not revealed, infinite song titles DRM bjork past the northern sky carpark downward, from now on repaint the night....Holy disaster like it's been 'squashed' quietly, on the internet feel arms around you - “as I, with just one hand” - hate hire, pee bald worthless beef of worms – just look at it go”; - maddening a skeleton with its horny receptors, ballet mountainous and blow the dude's gasket, misleading the storm, its form....Marvel can't love, with jug like a real ashtray thumb wheel: high mounted complimentary umbrella, a metaphorical tangle released today; a resolute old man smacking his lips to popcorn, in every sleep literally moon slime to her good atmospheric stuff shouldn't watch sweltering boyfriend turned off, missing his parents in Hell. Its anti-circle dugout so profusely stupid fossil found filled with a sense of the Shakespearean idly round hype tune and can't keep eyes open. Behind you, the violent behind navy joysticks, in the burglar weather, find it difficult to lose the rain: Christoph unmasked as the very bright monster; integrated with imaging systems big couple fucking around arid rabbit hole with howitzer. Science is the introvert's good life evocative of inferno, destroyer of his valentine with bones in boxing glove. Unnecessarily aggressive hive mind is Art rejected. 

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