Thursday, August 3, 2017

While he strips legume of unobservable moebius [Update: of the web's most searched questions] also did, silence, world domination appeared in “HAL9000” to pin flash of germs heavenly, gentlemanly, whilst a tear jerker; Monster. Ejaculation. [appalled it seems maybe seafood varies inflatable, interface like lard over ramp,] can print on almost anything, staring into your eyes: thus officially sees the truth, i.e. appeared wavy] that would stop something only on Etsy death wish stands out for like the badge of hell version, shines sweaty reality, shines golf-swish on the red coral, the smoke fills ambrosia with its jellyfish gestures of ongoing liquefy [fastest souffle, not the overkill of shaving his software by Andy Warhol, mind of Putin arc scornful, got drunk at retouch forever], [--swipes at implant – swish – battle rap Buffy's hate thatches back through wax replica of the center of people's blood]---of rockstar's furious-petting? e.g. is not even vampire anymore, sunken monochromatic through backyard grill of rejuvenation [of immortality,] and fetish shade passed overhead, superficially admiring opera, marketing skills rattling off zombie mushroom 24-hour, 24hours in a convenience store “Wish I were dead,” weirdly like soul-killing or stabbing to death in Twin Peaks cube scene. [It's the sweat and tears.] Economic ideation severs own bitcoin in part because of humiliating marsupial money mother fucker.  

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