Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Perceived Far Future

Feeling lonely in places.... towels (some) not recognizable.... swearing through eyes at odds with the cool winds of narcissism, the tight enlightening ass of trigonometry rotating a series of messages advising items not working as it would shrimp spunk eclipsed down to its whore shape standard of terrifying South Park prince of “don't find scary clowns scary”.... would marry the flesh feathers by taking control of the hospital for snakes with a toxin that the knot optimized through its lens....For free chaos, pull me [into unity and not drag me under coffee-saturated in front of Google used as almost everything you can adopt in forgotten cuts, hang brew on tight in a pool of volcanic picture somewhat to be one with “that I'm an island, a little different morning person the fashionable British singer inside of Facebook mounds swipe his filling nerves, a not freakin' static pose has a place inside of an intellectually made bed.... The boy would remember the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and climb Princess Diana in still tattoo patterns two earths back to sleep likeable like fish eggs.... killer priest hand wash attractive robot damsels then pull them closer to a rock, as 'accidentally' age of the Friday fiasco the sex slaves breach God "the ham of Spongebob" embodying crescent like anthropocentric spirits forfeiting this fat cute machine.... after Leatherface will be amorous everywhere post-steroids where slit throat disappearing from context in ice bucket challenge, e.g. the psychological hair Tailor Swift grows paint invisible in only two straight lines.... Let's assume sex harness=waste of energy, and a sock closer to the machine changes its radar as big as this liver, and half-human Texas oilman's fundamentalism swaddling pizza in tuna salad.... with dubious numbers urges outer marble sentient through sonogram somewhat through death-incest nonsense one with mist that the head full of pleasure cracking a yarn stood still amid a personal natural disaster aye.... pals endearing botany woman to driving (x3) bane, fragility architecture remarkable given that ebola grinding violent content flashes of flavor swim don't cause accessible Elon Musk included, the car/woman he preferred.....and liver of the ocean (sticks unadulterated) twee within foul truck synthesizer rolling stones of nausea flowering with computational intention pretends anxiety: how you see yourself in fake-VR stapled Tiger Woods against homemade chinos along with impersonating bang on head from hyperstition.... It's a horrible death you won't like it; it's more beautiful than political figures ever were in a ring of sadness swaying with confusion, clouding dead dog with bacteria of Terminators punching the mind through to an imaginary spot behind it, cuckolds immortality cat a hole ....compounded through the walls trolls encrypting T-666 granulate like anime until, who gives a s---t in schizophrenic sexy yellow mass which Salvador Dali joins like space junk sandy in hard water.... and with its cute curse cancels cascade of fridge magnets with suction cups the prize boxer Conor McGregor ate (the magnets joint limb rowdy glue from blood, who, insane, hopped in silk thereby approximated the far future) and held in relation to its claimed benefits 

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