Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Long Night

Near the new technology, near its “fuck-ton of new bugs,” Jake said.... “Surely, it would break”.... Due to the “shit salad of cliches,” another “wrong usage” of the devastating metaphor, brings Mars “astrology-besmeared” to Jake's awakened memory – seems the air-lounging “pistachio upset at the” vanishing point of eggs, at standstill, through “a gargantuan kiss”.... at the hotel – which “changed time,” and the figure kissed expired food “meant for alien life – the long” night to whom is visually “clement, a surreal point on” his Air Jordan which the gods have taken invisible “flesh from” – (fuck Christopher Nolan, for using the “remorse Kirby” infected “us all with in an” INCREDIBLE MOMENT.....) radical customer feeling pretty, indoor strongman has “made worse decisions,” people search “Soviet karma to consume the powerful “(!)”,” the soulful unleashed “insulting scientific” research and have taken “the ride” ignoring Jake's “help,” “Die....” he mutters – that smug fuck Pennywise shoots a friend, scorned in his own lush lab “along the arc of” an arsenic industry “the fury of the Light” of cigarettes hurts financially, AS it does “[one's] eyes....” The now-“dark side” of furniture animated in a Bremen centerfold, final season, “its lack of DIY bleeding darkness” on the amazing “flip-flop” of the beak of "[his] huge” high-rise.... (Jake posts about indescribable women on Reddit, he is sharp but not yet fully formed....) Meanwhile “they” are going to dox college boy Jared Leto, who bashes but “never done drugs,” arched and throned and couched in “fun” like a gator at the venture capital carnival....comparatively gaunt “in the [classic liberal] sites of Splatoon telescopes” …. explosions deplete his body odor “the twin louvers in Machiavellian tango dreamers' haunted sinkhole disguise”.... Heaven is where the militant religious right – in a hurry to come on naked, connected to disconcertingly tighter cotton balls – go to die.....

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