Sunday, August 13, 2017

Self-Emulation - Kevin

Almost no bed cast through the eye of a spiral the core of the sublime with a relatively passed-off spectrum, who'd wonder such famous sci-fi portent irritated the eyes. And this person is like this....Man is winged monster; was surprised that an electric fan isolated the wind in one's vest, that until two days prior potato powder flew with a limpid egregious orange, [I'm sorry].....”Wouldn't it be nice, I'm shooting, I (er) was alive. So dark forces craving a “professed soul” pass through time's fur – serialized in the weekly end part 1: [He's stretching (uh) “fast food hardening” before him; jumps in 1970s calling up WW3 to get laid on his beloved confederate flag in whose gently caressing grey milk the mind glitches suddenly black, hack “dope dad artifacts shooting toilet three-d blank screeching” - it could happen!.... Bleaching so to speak, nail surgery cranks shit up all in the temporal music releasing half-baked even whiter unblinking morning asshole, an expensive gift from Kevin to Kevin.... So disconnected magazine cover surface breaks through jaw sweat in the opposite sex./.... “We have knowledge of the selves,” “part-reproductivity torrents DuckTales from prison nectar uncomfortably DIE HARD, the perfect afternoon for.... [“circus originated from safe verbs in Kevin's simulation of self to increase one's rarity through one's rage], advertised as brand image....night [contents]: true Super Smash Bros value connoisseur's Real vs Fake funny bathing APE, in the sense that “computer grannies” will kill. 

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