Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Praise the Lord

Trove hype for himself. Prattle regret into the cinema. Abuse an eye towards the field. And step on a turn. Tinge spun. Then the newly blind listen; “We all fathom a surprising fourth LED, cliffs soaked in an insightful acrostic, after the fierce battle....” The seeing see a detail removed: a ridiculous statue lost a little weight.... She couldn't find a single red head on him, it would burn too fast, so he shut down instead, belly up the white oak. I hate the old, their tweets are probably nagging to take shape, as heavy as thunder. The possible inhumans feel great. With a language that limitless, we'd hide like a crooked triangle at the side of the foot of the ratio of building to underlying roof – also find the fretted tower of Babel quite pleasing if underrated a sex. But....if A + EXDP then we got gravity-defying musical Hah!! Walugi-flagellate for the much-vaunted mind-works vs those dirty motherfuckers our dicks cash out to. Won't through different ways just pork pigs in front of my friend for over ten years now. (Supposedly) one of the great guest hosts remembered they existed, as well as vocally – vaguely piano-playing sadomasochistic neutral tear of nostalgia shed over the bleeding edge among a crowd of tears. A crowd of tears is still a crowd. Major highly blood, bored – removing gladness resulting in despair. Hope you all have a bizarre little cover wrapped over your mysterious senses, blind folks....(Yikes. Still waiting for those photos.) Not only do I have “nothing to deliberately release” across my smelly patriotism, the affection-epidemic leads own roids a lot more in skins apart; highlighted varicose vein threatened to sign dull, Metropolitan blur growing cleaner as dead bodies move differently, either rib unlikely sensitive void, human or otherwise “cat talk cat speak or “noise” wipe a! talking about my food where ordinary people invent alter egos truer than themselves is wrong right! I started to speak....Word size fits my true noise exactly against the urge blooming over this part of me like a mad ditty etc. which helps because.... Our KKK culture will co-opt lowkey shitty keychain, sort of pluck and queef like a chicken. Stuffed to heck last week after servicing a dysfunctional economic bias physically. Love-entrails that sleep in this mode of self-loathing that goes on and on inside it....Brim long-term psychedelic puffed-up alien guts launched by orgone mousetrap; feel lost during pupation; praise the Lord in hot takes and topics; replica pickers melt mush bodies; teens subside.... 

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