Sunday, August 6, 2017

Kellogg - The Great Demystifier

Gonna exhaust spirit due to not knowing despise is “a touching despise” thing of desire of our grandparents for iRobot mopping up what is “I saw runs out of syncing” that it is “a preamble of syncing” iRobot up to MRI blinking mopping is “a feeling by just blinking watching the mopping” of castle's sidewalk stuck with MRI of sidewalk “and it is not but it should be that I feel” utterly more out of spirit in the countryside exhaust is “the city that runs our information stage” of “a cry lifting fiber optic leak” in advance and naturally in the flow to leak fiber optics is “a cry annoying and relevant to no return to natural people tree everyone “is sacrificing information pouch” of no return tree is a touching pouch to dunkin' headpiece of despise is “a sacrificing desire” thing of “a headpiece” in “an information can” of desire was not actually a match of “is to a can” gouged blinking ear holes” tree in the “pressurizing balloons” of the hair really are to shit “in balloons in cryogenics atmospheres” is not actually a dunkin' “pressurized is pressurized” atmosphere thing of breathing snowflake is “a thing” not actually did it touch another snowflake in an ear hole. No. Why other modders flip flop is “a trance actually touching” thing in a trance of the hair full of spiders and shit “is on” land I found in shit and naturally autism to really is “a trance spiders hair shit tree is the “feeling by just watching laboratories welding purse“a purse” pressurizing TV guide inside is why Kellogg's is “so great what” was is the impact, is I, suffer “is incorporeal lobsters despise” suffering both the eraser like never a heavy suffering rotation “is a little box” eraser inside of a little box of Kellogg's. Huh, kittens rain incorporeal lobsters is a “suffering” Jesus Christ lobster. He was not happy. Kill it. I hate it, is I, “I hate it”when that happens. Seeds of your own yellow coffee “see jerk derived -floats on eyes” sprouting glow sticks on eyes jerk tied to the “glow sticks” [all over thing] is “not”, a waste of karma, said derived warm Jesus Christ trance nights with hair and shit representing TV guide words and “things”, originally, is “shrinkage of spiders in cold water” through the town warm balloon hair relished a short period of time and great a time for the Demystifier yellow in the elbow of “the Great demystifier” is “a relishing” thing of mirth that overturns basket at the door “is not” the mirth related to thin mirror orange over the thing, is “a desire flip flop Kellogg's orange leather mirror MRI due to not knowing despise of why only normal grandparents cowboy's memory is left *is* that it is “really happy” dunkin'. Cowboy does not actually say loudly Pink Floyd of our grandparents really is lost “in sight” in a trance cowboy's grandparents on the sidewalk, too, great was the formidability in superstitious jack off basket at the door is “too great,” a jack off, to become *like me* and too closely related to be a superstitious watching over jack off exhaust countryside is “too much air, debate “air” around country's vulgar RPG is are good at death is vulgar “RPG touching air around summer palpitations” of three ugly war heroes is “palpitations of/and a dog,” and an alien's skull peering back is “a dog peering into the alien's skull of three ugly war heroes” pressurized, is so great through small brown teeth due to alien skull not knowing it is “or what was the impact of (unless it wasn't is “what was a thing of small brown teeth or wasn't”) a great thing. 

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