Friday, August 18, 2017

White Polo And Khakis

awkwardly foreskin with fur on the inside - rush -- by before- -it wallows -- poke with a stick is how pee rushes out- almost invisible -- from it it sounds as if at a bottom of a well (on the phone) (before) phantom (through the waves) cryptic candle - actually it's now- -the phantom inner skull's- interior -time? Actually it's pretty easy to - probably a - -- stretched -- foreskin with bristles on the inside being a - the remains of the horrid crawler come out - before -extreme intestines- -inextricably tangential spill - lively Sonic's moving toward basement - blowtorch moistest- journey - awkwardly gangrene twitch soon to lend - warmth to anchor (players will have) Bing syndrome  - behind the---machine learning algorithms - and sex - stem cell - turn- -eerie retract hungry again - hey man that -such a- smell Verizon march plow horizon - reverse eliminating acronym (an admirable beast)- disembowelment intermission in that there was a very long hearse all night - for the penguin apocalypse!! – and also great – is actually fun pole vaulting or about extreme sports --- --receipt - of the novel's overhang- -getting live-action awkwardly menace breast-friends- and - glimpse Darknet ashore - in the morning intense man equals (The Tick) as if “I am” - rerun burst version, via tingly private logic -- spouting problematic homophone of her -- of the word -- her - ASS-- -360 degrees- equivalence between (his -- his giant snake! -- between glassy eyes like there's only one gender and it's American globe with white eyebrows [Necrophilia]: remember that day (thin film slick over hunchback bulges)- breaking a tusk his face committed a terrible- skin thing- -regret its vegetation twitches --- logging on when no one's looking, too much perspiration wrapped round (dirt) - in the air- -rushing by - -- before - round repetition of extreme (splatoon -- evil and abyss) - of - at the heart of the (what is the war?) -- over bridge over -- black satin flower - of impending doom 

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