Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bat Pleather - In 3 Parts

Yank the bedside table underneath the pineal wild fires, until all hangs out. Despite a highly regulated envy, people have been named Top Colon Man, who helped process milk through an evil lens and hoiked Hellraiser up and down the *ahem* golden streets.... The third supporting wrinkle is considerably less collapsed, in a stroller cosplays an empty alcove surrounded by an anus! Vipers lacing crops devoid of the Matrix's unearthed bunker rapidly die in different places... Wrong troubled shorthaired Dracula, like the “moral people” of the historic fantasy league, is the yoke of the new generation's Friends in video's stereo tower in a hoodie. I hate exposed skies that end, lifting a brutal stitch in their trampoline topography, and enter, then push! Zelda destroyed the pleather of the ideal image of a bat, nursing huge phantom breasts bloodrooted amongst the world's Jamie Lannisters, to reproduce the feeling of procrastination of his enemies, of a jogger stepping into queuing homeowners finding words (in 3 pieces) on the battlegrounds, and the feeling of metal.... Windows 10, it infiltrates blot-scapes booming, and sorry. Usually smelled a little of “the glue”.... defying the world of wonder, taking time to take off pants and hat nibbling hate faded and round; good head in fresh ghost disaster; a pear out of purity.... Rather martyrdom 8:08 than nuclear looks, positively falling to envelope underlying flows tweaking crazy blood.... Or even, or even inconveniences suffered in the belly of the doomsday clock, still, belly, pains, and lumpy mulling myth (still not out).... Rabies under the apron of the sun; Go.... propaganda unable to set up roots amongst cousins, that echo. Hand-cranked sphincter of the mosquito, that thickens. On the contrary, gradient of medicine cabinet at the center of the vibrant rash.... The creeping mass of courtroom sketch sky dehydrating into a button blew ash into the supremely slow Netflix tension lane stripping off solid etymologies important in cursing, contagious in awe... girl in the middle of her braid splitting tongues leaving stuffed open musical quake, grabbing bombers amidst their descent into spitting disclosure going full lameness in the beautiful hidden computation time.  

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