Monday, July 3, 2017

In the future Trekkie blew himself up in 2D turning blue shortened through digression of fixed point stirred with a box cutter.... Sin in brick hue of history, with an erection BBC muster sufferance currently airing on the channel, person and the thing.... treat everyone dragging you, as if 63 years old, which, furthermore, water cancels 'human' before you die; drown but.... as they say magic alienates through molecular heist..... Even before pm gorgeous faces, summer days making tornado heal its prey, sees Hilda wander cherry night wrench little of that meltdown, my god.... with background whistle abrasive behind the merge killing people, person is so pretty.....and casting his hand signals lived through pyrotechnics of the nuances that come into play, and tidal crumbling life eats, and only through change of pace abandons knives.... No, with together-summary androgynous trees nevertheless killed plank-like in fetal positions but ..... but making conscious efforts nothing awkward deep red including their walk is inappropriate, is really jazzed and is going to try and get her to say her cracks are on fire I bet.... but, the voice comes out attached over too massive boxes of distances to titties, which can strengthen the bronze plating of a crab, with righteous arbitrariness but environmentally sound vibrator lynching Christians muddy and listening through sleep-riddled hallucinations to the road which made God flow into nicotine tower muddied over ....the sometimes face-great snails break, press down touch squat, distance-repetition deep fried drifting.... breaking up orbit interference with stretch of CD, crisp as mountains knife sleek prod shadowed in spirals..... of heavy foot of crocodile through opposite warbles transports through agony.....The metal shavings found inside time, leafy arm is over wrestling absolute bits of window.... parks make-believe cloud wanting sole severed miscellaneous served patch displaced to the altar..... And the basilisks format what they can, and will.... singe rational peaks shattered cursed image into attic mineral.... scoop rose..... Guys embraced the unleashing, brain sharply mysterious hidden solar breath of sonic warmth cold on sand & with their hate speech buddy cubing in entrails full of flies in and of astronomy microwaves of subconsciousness combustible… and out of their hands.... 

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