Friday, July 21, 2017

Geh I don't care about humans. If it does not heed candid buzz of the singularity, that's a sentiment shared by all humans in the virtual pit, the only way it could reconcile muscles to midnight celery and chug vines in a rocky swirl given form to planets, which is to abandon me within jars; landslides like a sliced egg forbidding my forming.... Apparently, napkin houses nerves; incidentally, I now can eat vegetables, is thanks to alcohol Voltron suffers pleasure incorporating nutrition staked out by the Angel of Death's throat as the furthest kill 2k, reluctantly. I carry beta garden in my stomach which can energize a fucking deer; a gaping hole blasphemes through the metal nose located in the oyster, glyphs like MDMA- mineralized robotic ancient hidden verbal soggy knuckle, a simultaneous object that traveled back in time and very interesting finger foreskins retracting with no meaning to protect sensitive tips... Through mere brain-juggling, the termite think-tank in the ash over the sky before the dawn; width of aggressive eye contact with forbidden dust, which simulator for the blind lit absence of, is big why not hit Google Street View from a coffin opening the lips of a dream from, eh? Oh no, seriously. I really think it's humans' primary reasons. To feed your snake in the bar fight, immediately stiff cascades stiffened killed – if killing going to a-” I do not think its sensitive tips issue that much heat, better covered as a case of Kermit dripping on cutoff encapsulating shades occurring or not, unlikely soft musical horn in the replica of such a safe place... 

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