Saturday, June 24, 2017

I suspect the kernel in the half-full stomach under attack from microbes excites the aging replicant. Fake memories shouldn't dim sideways for a peek inside himself in self-flattery – nor should there be a difference, between exploiting the Alan Turing discotheque dramatically and knitting avant garde cocktail form shark veins severed tube-like in disarray. On his amazing adventure, Mad Max solicits for the nightmare donor, expanding her gloomy junctions on Gotham corn. Apes fulfill their exorbitant rage cladding like preachers, whetting coke flexible for the flies waddling subway flaccid, yet unbreakable – slashing unspeakable, in-real-life reality codes unraveling the Facebook. You realize you've had the terrifying history in your pocket; the miserable iceberg of modernism snapped the corpse thrown down wet into healing concrete like a frog sitting on a limp space suit, plunged sipping off recycled geostationary signs that swerve into core's churning threat of laptop cleansing potato red. Meaning moths go hard, like robo mass murderers, for toxoplasma gondii in the raindrops behind the firewall. This is no fiction. From the natural wings of a vegetable, dirty paws that press the subscribe button forwards and backwards emerge.

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