Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This is how it feels to be stuck with an ancient confusion, from apathy – the facial expression of, and accidentally William Tell, a bucket – to Realize you' have no fuckin K<|kez, no god, whose vengeance lives and dies – a spandexed scorpion slathering itself with dinner --- attacking lumps of coal with its ass-
; it wore her placemats during our relationship.
; her one armpit articulated its fizzling Air Jordan connected to our brains.....
; no, man!
A sacred waffle
of abandoned buildings their completed micro-destruction in Las Vegas drawn
to the horrible horseman baby crib style.
; clogging the toilet
– to kill Mega Man with perfect genes during group sex. Capture the bitter fruits of a Soviet drone on the pedal of disillusionment
To swoon amid [ -------------------- ] is compassionate. Even a hornier clown in tinfoil underwear -- like the spirits
in [the] "straighter" Star Wars parallel universes.
a few years ago.
nuclear meltdown under a chainsmoker's charred broomstick-whichwrenches the moaning xenomorph's fuck-
face from immersive, mass-produced snacks. Every. Single. One

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