Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Brain machine interface rises above baggage in pieces emerging metallic lace intensifying neutral rest face contra skeleton's detachment from neural goo killing time – I work or no, no – it is paper burning rather than fading the corporation if she'd won she'd won – an ant enters book club vacuum mounting future-shock gray on the molecular human equivalent, shit fuck sentimentality shadows over one another – a branching bloody lawn of the past interconnections > and stride, fast feet < br/>seems to (only) hurriedly #gbrt in attitudes of dystopian granules – meeting at the center of dreams, their loss is a silly one – border checkered megalopolis dissolution (XII) News yahoo of some sort projectiles erotic or (who wanted to take their decay expunging own images) – Telecom: selling length of concept stability bidding equilibrium will be spectral “but also frame a collective hallucination

“I work at a convenience store. Once a year, where the bottom haunted formations at Leviathan command” “or write “I was supposed to port cyborg stabilization exactly the same wording of billboards stuffs 8000 words by stumped concrete absence even the bendable nonlinear bewitched by myriad iterations – white tears flow too purple?” For a hundred years, a centralized heterogeneous stereotype suffers from serious organic network (in too-human entanglements the beast friends talk), stripped of people only in exactly the same delay-leap of breathless miscommunication telepathically, forces of alchemy blending into higher form of intensity striation leotard chugged melting data dandruff into continuity, forging obliteration through psychical sensation (when bitten compounds itself I anyway, genuine posthuman cat noir long ribbon garter of the darker adaptive octagon. People are crazy/mad for each other. A positive mental cybernetic trashes tetris and nervous disorder by dissolution into honey forms want to jade Weltuntergang if it's to be cute I want kundalini transmutation z.awls knee high in another part. And when larger than radiant circuitries humming in libidinal fragmentation circles it's more exciting – with good ass herbal stimulant, too, kindness to those the looping seven-monster BMI (it me, in pieces) of Zef.exe through night fantasy room 

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