Friday, April 7, 2017


Both visited by the spiritual
ringing=monster vinyl tags toward
past Bayer===++++_weird aspirin,
I thought
/through ether in the gruesome way
single painting curry underworld 
became becauseffffffffffffmisogyny vibratory Jesus
returns= to pressure neurological soaking.00000000000,`
builds clown asymptomatic
`.ll sex during--sleep-
paralysis//////////around fixation* 
Att. risk for/...... <telescope> where I golf
depression screwed//there's
no feeling.naming 
it happening enemy.fill stomach soft-offf
with slapping chronic?!=
noose foreground juice
stick tunnel of  
autism spectrum++like a trail >>>>>>............the restless
martyr left to.rot jaw dropping
pop.wheelie minimalism =rub in her
pussy ashes demons /being 
awkward Ate a lot of gloom stiff peeks
from/no feeling tasted brave
glistening&die again====Ddickhuman
bodycl./it_ [window).(s opacity!}
=......... rubbingthroughsyringes
fire+shifts_ normal hairstyle
alcohol in lighters
steaks liar through juices wires_footage
is slap hug → laid to rest 

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