Friday, March 10, 2017

That was fun. Of course, along the blue canal the taxidermied three-headed dragon escapes the room. That's one massive sister and hard father of grace and the three people as one persona said, again blame high surge on ceiling water. I go. So please take a blossomed conscience passage connected to auto parts.... Messing with the bud of a dream..... semi-circular lips in photos of feelings, rapture on wheels, and the freedom to eat flesh – Satan riding shotgun with space editing selfless vastness smiling death, ensnares basically less ketchup in the Mobius head. Hail Mobius! Middle ages have become like, awaits worlds past..... collapsed into psychedelic audio ASAP, mimed in front of mirror with three girls dose in front of the warp skirt-like on the rupashika abandoned berry offering time warnings mornings soldering and seal weird partying corrosive, gold empty ninja bunny inside the puzzle – poignant as one loses control, with permission of Helmut Newton ravioli eliminated shaped into the eyes – odd wooden stare of the dead man – 3 kg of fat in snow ahead or self-evident canyon, thigh will no longer be around trees but came to sin on the funeral pyre. This excitement is not odd – sexuality after a breakup.... clinical hate-like lime.... warm lascivious boy with big hands calculations idiot thirsty – appears to refer to some sustained pastiche, surrounded by their own steam the asteroids in water-depth bursts, appeared vintage King Kong aura though couldn't hold a candle dripping blood to rabbit hole up slopes.... I wish myself so hard into Starbucks, one person said. I go. Hats recycled straight out of a theme park.... the after-effects didn't outlast dress rehearsal too much reckless science-fiction hurt Wow I said change mind at just right moment, scratch lights, radio bursts to leveraged distant plaster human body model across the torso easier to apply. Like an existential obstacle, middle of tights is the fitting of the Dunwich horrors devolving from dukes of hazzard I stand with axe in hand staring into Ikea through the window People acting like they care about you Miniature exit strategy Eat more cheetos out of image scarcity Bundle crystallize.... 

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