Thursday, March 23, 2017

#RhettTwitter - Another Mutation

Gone, but not surprisingly, oedipal Trauma hospital has aggressively not
forgotten raccoon........ Then, mildly, cosmology's disgusting grocery store lumber
mystery. measured by whether dimensions bungle
susceptible landmark Supermarkets, incidentally homeostasis
::::with massive psychic transition machinic vibrations sawed Zelda into absolute
meltdown of entities. My double wakes me up with him.
her barbarous lawyers unlock World. Ah feeling more powerful but feeling shit,
Jackson Pollock adds new almond framed by Things: currently retaliates by
throwing stained mink over nail assemblages: Forcing him to hang [him],
existential normal thermal woven multimedia chronology of eating mantis paws
together science of alternate ending the heck out of Difference *wooooo~ In east IKEA,
climate changes weather. Schizophrenic despotism in indie helmet rendered for no reason tech-urb Al Jourgensen finesse horror comedy beat his own clinical laptop unconscious, ____look at [me] now..... For 3 months living in the Last Days mapped
with your guitar____ I haven't really – beauty Cheese knocked up through Hell_neg. farmer_you're ++Welcome.... in a nanosecond this “contradictory ecstasy”
nesting Casio in a duffel bag #accelerates drama loosely.........
With horror sick-pet concerned-Hegel gets lost in – Lifting Absolute pants,
the funk of wine pique collective tennis court with its angry.....
with its angry seawater...... No clue where one's fun- medical assumption
doodling naked hyper-meat curb fetid iota of Pure alt-astrobody shooting immoral
billboard through the Lie deterritorialized blend organs into nothing in a video. 

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