Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kek - Another Mutation

Oh man, oh man. The serpent sometimes fuzzy.
Monument to tube. Pompous head on BBC dad
– after dead people's prosthetic trigger out of water.
Not unreasonable prophetic cracker – please leave
him alone! Transforming on Al Capone's ice rink:
beautifying low end Matrix. In template dryer the
origins of species all meta. Stimulated by orbiting
microwaves. Sick balls sundae curved glues forge.
It's about fearing death through animated deformation –
flowers of the new world order falling outside of car's
brand. Mausoleums containing the smallest known buns,
screencapped bored and how. Aesthetically humans
increasingly self-pale. Judgment always cuts a lot of
corners, eh? Doom and gloom. Style remains. Fashion
fades. Bro. [Voice of stone] shoehorn a whole glass eye
into the Big Bang Theory – throw that shit through this
fuckin' pizza. This and that alternative pit. [Silence.]
Heal edifices, O David Bowie. Combine more brain
anatomy with licorice of swan. Do a mormon a solid
and preserve his YouTube CPM. Discover the abyss's
deets! Could maybe destroy long-winded, like a dog.

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