Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In the hip diagram my bones avail pickled-masonic of, well, more
tranquil automation. Real knife products bustle please-relaxed.
I am a hero. Obtained orig. bratwurst a human glitch has been
released from. I'll hold my hand desperately until I die, like a story
from a dream. Good morning Pennywise painting Fresh Prince peeling
away praxis we, of the tenth sign of identification, praise.
This is from TV. How it feels to influence a system; subjective cape
stapled against the effect of pollen turn to account of therapist;
that fancy conduit of soft vinyl on a visceral level warlock carpenter before
movie sucks flooding sadness of browsing data, it is battered and it
is ready to be killed, sure; guided by habits of softness until I die; burn off
your inscriptions cute toy in public to sleep heat from trailblazing a centralized
trippy dot intertwined with my garments (passions, oneself) – ambushing by
bird buttock, prom purge cutting one's nails at night wrapped in
skins of newspaper how would Christ threaten to shoot
employee underwater or praise the Unconventional Colonists
or pack nail clippings in packets to meet to become known.
Fame so do a ree raa Rorschach the body DADA blogger post-I ghostwrite and
float to head- yogurt Twitch upon spirit cooking media of normality
of regular knowledge-burial...... Lord of inside of mouth looks like
this guy chopped off his furniture's feet systems sounds more- impostor strip
online milk a perfect cyclotron that cut a worm and pack one's kiosk.
Damn straight mashup into an elevator with van's tentacle elbow
menstrual tech turned playful on the moon with time stuff
leather overhauls of alligator of the dead and a perfect ooze ancient
salt of light source 

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