Monday, March 27, 2017

Garfield - Another Mutation

cause was unknown, too spicy
injection wrap around column
leveled-up boundless sense of old, old house
aesthetic is automation termite
treat it like a baby
turn a third prong of the fang people
in tart megalomania – in Nietzschean paisley
of course always camping
slips pipes anally on banana peel
whys it go back to large primate –
materialism screw and extinction swirl 
plop AI up by yer bootstraps
and postal protoplasm in hell literally bubbling
shadows of aurora – a dark cloud hangs over it
beating him if not easy to tap
exhaust gases and of course, reactionary roasting
spreading armadillo legs
somehow jet lag very cynically
dungeon but, adorable fuzz-temple
legalize Jurassic cheap weed
an overnight Captain Kirk and communion
with the WhatsApp crystal silence.....Hmm my annoying bowels
and I will protest harvested organs look cool;
reused anime
I cannot use it? Garfield in Russian
chasm -controlled even the #gamershit
entangling narcissism bot
visualizes mooching on corn, tomb suit
glowing two-toned afterbirth
accessible social blaze surrounding a bullied classmate
like squishy artificial slack headless toad
rescued by reality-TV uncle
for sale: we can't reveal details
something....something industrial 
as if lasagna eating Monday hater
were powered by good gentleman's love 

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