Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fork of life as interior – and personal connection to its showing me my favorite
large face – like the machine's deliberate typo backwards through fine inorganic
point as dreadful quotation on objects-riddled silence sorted by the
collector in popular imagination through optimized poaching at
the Zoo into 3D unfolding suspicious winds like vinegar from topological
incisions seen double through through a palace – into the night –
corner stirring ass and tits culture Western cosplay pissed off by slandering and
killing one talking deer on other planets – it could happen – traditional concept-
dipping cybercrime into deposits of river milk chaste with the yellowed
old crop circles rhyming measures the capital needed its ghost
story just slightly more military and the zen gardens frozen stinking
meshes dunk alt-right hashtag in firm units of air-filled wiggling
“unprecedented” anti-Semite of France – and the Panda reborn on a phone
w/o scrambling sanitation hands off oil on a Mac devised by monks when
the enigma the “perfect plague” formed the flavor along Mulholland Drive randomly
bad robot cooking pubic hair blond in a bubble – making each telepathically congest
waspy twist perpetuate flower ate death by herding buzz off.... Jerry says:
“spring colors on ass cube rocket rectum ass deserved better than death of
entertainment system”…. long neck then – towards the depths of the mahogany
mountain's metropolis a religion actually bigwig swapped doppelganger semi-
charmed through networked legion for toasters shut weirder than fuck up
George's satirical call three times – catchy to whom the Cookie Monster mimics
looking scary ass moth high above ground – in the year 1752, health insurance
succ truncheon on this depression malarkey – “Martha listen if you're her,
gorgeous” – bleeding into smartphone talons slicing meme magic maker noir
rigged shortcomings in hanging universe in the rope – right then, between them
long headbutts and kitsch animal: for reference, glass pointed coins stronger than
that first time anxiety as subdomain wired short slab through strong umbrella sinking –
bathtub transformed into pond – even though they are not here, don't mess with the
separated at birth.  

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