Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Alex Jones Voice - Another Mutation

Enjoy flaming watermelon just on what zombie
parts grafted in literally obscure by throwing
rocks at number painting to pump moon's inner charred
baguette with anecdotal truth to revive response to
frogs turning gay through interrelated aromatic
keychain again led through detector's screenshot from
Lego blubber into carbon-generated sperm necklace
via vampiric necrophelia looking good in menagerie
of molecules shut down if you're at all for left ear narcissism
catching up with which direction draws deep black in as
the world's last wrinkled Odin rhythmically evolving
bags of chocolate milk into frat comfort postpile wonderland
wants to smell like omitting atmospheric nun
shimmer unable to turn off the din's changing color made
me feel rejected by smiling at me and sticking the needle
into lingerie gently pillars in moss hiss just the way
architectural acid swamp dreamlines skeleton's metabolism
first and foremost unreal vault of conspiracy theories
to define their existence in need of rust belt of rustling toot
sexy upon its uhh own quiet circumspection.

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