Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Duck Dynasty - Another Mutation

what released flavor of adult lice from my mirror
is still a secret afternoon giant cone, subtext is
nothing, your bones is how, tooth for tooth, the wound
inhales, burning funny, circled back and whispering, so
enjoying the tone disappear for fear of deafness, imagined
you want the river masked hole euphoric down the hole
and meadow disappear, flip a spring, like my body machine
transform seafoam into a straw, prompt major shiny,
lurk back-to-the-future heating for the prophecy in
deep state derp, and ignite an entire little machine gently,
an even no, so its water defies digital camera stick insect
tears through Canadian katana syndrome as other
memes cooking iron eBay spider baby, whine as vacuum
occurs there are soft and death and when you travel, wrist
traps in a supernatural crime, rotating fashion physics
that the purebred English pointer on sofa go backwards,
or lack choice of, as to what doesn't want to be a Bavaria
restaurant's chthonic, and yet are you ready yet, for your
fucking troops as Disney's paragon of buffalo dark wing,
a branch the sun hides, unpicked form the round Earth,
the fun made of Snowden subrosa gigantic dancer hack,
with its head on the ground, Jesus their duck is the size
of a chicken 

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