Saturday, March 4, 2017

Devil's Valley

That '70s show, you might think, throwing nuts from 
the roof Kid Rock in vegan self-cannibalism made a 
hot Coco in the toy aisle for his kid to engulf dust 
devils that do not even dissolve. In other words, bear-like mantis with strength of computer-bleached cow 
down spiral staircase Uber with great SNES is on 
cannabiscommon to unusual permafrost aggravated 
mid-stream into sticky Troma comes to everyone's 
mind. Shoes on crustaceans can move diagonally on 
bellies and on square chips like origami pivot to 
the swamp sermons joined at the throat of the 
reservoir of the suburbs. To match the best Han Solo 
maddening Samsung dawn vexing torrid upside-down 
hanging peanut butter is not an indoor portrait hanging 
outside! – at the gate mess of purplish matter thrown 
pinata-like after falling burnt down fermented super-
booze in the snow ashes mixed with a smile confidentially, 
saying, finally the day has come, every dog's face painted 
at all the right interstices my uncle got married last year 
to his tractor minus realistic rouge head unseen skewered 
fedora throughout history all but forgotten by NASA so I'll 
kill you myself, voices to match my own head! stir up 
with big feet wrestling onto the same snow! saying “I love 
sex” entwined combing the twin corals of amateur 
hotdog and suspect ruin before the internet, social rascal 
with great wisdom on bronze shoulders like the dark 
side of the moon in beige marsupial public meltdown 
toxically thinks outside the box resurrected to the melancholic 
bleating at the drive-in remodeled after the beach's optic 
nerve sunk deep into inky changes too faint, in the style 
of the world, hint at things alive..... these exist in Devil's 
Valley, absent the labyrinths on LSD truth of the sausage 
muffled entranced is also incidentally my pun pen pal on 
Instagram, the inevitable dog which saved not the I you 
can't tell apart not that it is the I am! the world in a cyanide 
pill your culinary control exerts over bellend of the ballroom 
turned to meet its 'hard core' meet the people I think I do 
not know. 

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