Monday, February 6, 2017

Prometheus - Another Mutation

Liveblogs greener waterlogged corpse
Escaping, one of baleful remains
The black room compounds pleasure, curtails war
Cries drift, mind's silence after that.......
Being Prometheus finishes you emotionally,
In-depth on the third floor I remember
This quiet atomic unraveling shaves needle
Telescope of pain in perspective, goes here,
Peels square target feed of noise (ahhhh) of
Fake sack that Dominos is to thin (very) yellow/
Red glow-in-the-dark anus in empty car parks
Needed for VHS missile to windows, comfortable
Wingless only seven deep ends carved
In front of you (the sea).......
1 out of 2 people hates weird silver, minute multiplier
Ripples inside ethereal tissue of Plexiglas sky accidental
Invasive gravitas literally are the cops,
And as anemones on the floor, distinctive, water
Crusts, I enjoy gentle analog eye-pump comparison
Creep & peep firmware as Chuck Wagon baked
Inner PC, outer darkness bugs on
The visor, knots, golf spews in a happier place 

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