Sunday, February 26, 2017

I've studied liveman – A follow-up “kill what I wonder.... comes out a little” – tap water was the go-to epidemiological knowledge until – “I will say I don't have internet” ….. multiple personality detective psycho, hacksaw full of emotion – mix joint e-book scratch – maker of dick with REM on the Earth at first sight “I seem narrow and, bats have fallen to and also out of the ocean – also to feed on chlorinated fish – the way zap is insulated, this kind of thing strikes a natural blue in the parking lot, in the woman – where “I'm perched, if the woman in the same atmosphere is – I'm seeking” …. “became submerged” ….. the “personality” – boredom, but I wasn't laughing – if he truly hated it, e.g. moon-art handsome-empty is a very absurd thing – absorb sometimes, limit part of the ripe at all though – says, “look at the difference, between the devoured turned the other into 'me'”....“'people' are stale,” it was apparent, the “me into the other O.J. new god” but, new flesh platypus, by hair – with Fanta weekly spirits, “I wanna die in the aftermath ha-ha of that me and my also” - envious! (peeping into) – cherry yesterday – “but I felt the ecstasy of some reality into fiction cruel with some never learned – it's so dull I think I'm too scared at the end” - fridge door opens in the opposite direction, say oh, my it's been left in the fridge – meat beaten into polycore summary tied after grayish photo 

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