Thursday, February 23, 2017

убер - Another Mutation

Young dragon connect with complex archaeological spike of fruit subverse
old pile of bones' ocean pressure – the future omen, to speak from the front,
nor be able, the general public not the faceless, 'picture theory' piece of
article-described, charitable public, because of thought seems to be assisted
manned prejudice on a commercial basis – although it would be difficult.
With sly hovering, the Morse Men, with still freshly incognito iconography,
imagine as decoration disguised war-torn minefield restrained by melded
Uber bathed trap-riddled meat, but the war my Russia thought seems to be –
far in the toilet Tron exchanging silent soup for Capri Sun rendezvous
w/ postscript illusions of axe, which impales cleaning supplies, transmitting
explosion of wisps, which spoiled possessions..... In two-headed penetration
to the interior associated with chaos, with apt eerie moaning sound through
the A/C – but Burt Reynolds also salutes genitals of bug of the mind heavenly
body lagging –insect-topless heading my way, blinking, out of malware thread-
it – differing from TV mom guide to throwing prints mean 3D gun. This is what
happens when Mozart falsely phased out by natural selection risks vestigial
white hands through organ failure, in a plethora of terraformed darkness –
corporations jorted inferiority joking when appetite graced box of tissues,
picturesque void feel something worth the fuzz twisted scrolling aliens when
they sneeze dance-dispose to the latter mentioned, single, her PEAR – input/
church output/flight attendant backgrounds disc-sized seems to see return
of 8th grind – during space-travel AI bot for bedding, duvet cover or brand
new, everything that is tedious synchronized grass of stone fighting melon
to such a tune. 

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