Friday, January 6, 2017

Warm fright into send-off::
– sexy wig followed pole on waves
of this relaxation –
– man's muscles of THE trash at
the funeral of the soak-in lord
:: a politician, core dropped snorkeling::
To blink therefore the chill's spinoff,
went to a conjuring attacked by
A freeze frame in a TENT, for the log of it all,
:: and woman shows pig slits marvelous intense feeling of
gills prolly. Such as very easy
and soft, and in appearance
scissor hot wondering how
pickles maintain their water shape;
to understand the:: freak occurrence
such as very mellow bitcoin oily Posted by:
myself into this.
Monster at the end of the zone up
a notch if you want the hiccups noir,
back up, vibrate lids terminal
kind of chocolate monument back out
of in chosen rings. Unreal!
His tears balance on back side of the neck
– lord of leopard tissues of the body,
extended magic::things of the flesh
detox beauty of the toilet snake.
But it soon disappeared:
– scars cluttered in a meat grinder –
Arms race in vessel of allergies
:: mustache earring ease
melding Harrison Ford
barnacle mechanized::watermelon forge
long face deep-rooted overhang....
In gray solar system head ass on a hill::
– jerks in a podcast, repeatedly really.
Dinosaur tail very low end marijuana dispensary
inflates fellow males
– in pro gamer high-intensity retrieval. 

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