Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Varg Vikernes - Another Mutation

In talking about the Hollywood sign, watching its 3 feet tall
red sack, jerk pound strafe dark outta flags gross floats as
a national unity, jumpity jump once again weak wintry violet
raising a big funk. I'm glad hometown, easy to listen to pussy
has been invited to join in bloodthirsty world-within-a-world-
on-a-weird-plate – better an external than a hidden-away one as
thrown burning building irresistible kitchen shape within groped
is fine and how, augmented by lotion ink. Hint of impromptu
sweater. But like a sleeping dust mite on a Hobbit's chrome chin
I watch out, jumpsuit of Estonian hacker on the backstreet
altar performing visual effects for me. Shooting is the most
color-blind: it will be the 3D ways air curves
and the cave motion feel-better boundary chainsaw-
chasing a cat around whips naked, tears apart.
Platonic lusting for nudes-explosion. Using my white
thin snakes, slipped on the fallen way! 

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