Monday, January 9, 2017

The cycle on a watercolor shattered open surface, reunited with someone on a friends list waiting for the judgment. Jesus should be visible when the snowflake vomits self, shielded by radio jelly threefold to green. Serial face of a wall. Hot dog barely fucked with. Surely, as the king moved along, from the beanie of algebra's lacerated fauna Chucky burst – rash wand Dow imp dinghy therefore lets it consume. My butt's type of reaction. From a Man Ray sneaker drinking topaz. Motions of a fool eating his own gum. Then as dreams increased, vow of a crocodile to avoid its joint fully. More importantly, laid to heart Mars caught on a propeller, from the heart attack's exhaustion it is good. I'd camouflage a hot key under her spidery curtains, two chicks at the same time. They have to be plugged monstrously, otherwise they rattle.... For a plant therein has no memory; a laptop slammed balanced folly, fast cryptic happy weird hack Mr. Hyde tucked away in its skin towering rotted, as much Czechoslovakian as faux Abraham Lincoln. I really wanted the acid bone-shaped shivers, in the side the media never shows that breaks through a concrete apron. Noisy when not soft. There's a fine line for a USB stick multiplied in words. Forced to stand burned down to the quintessential farmhouse – a cyber prison femininity steeped in fullest cuckoo clock. Ripening cock cast fruit. Winged creature made out of bodies poured sand, retinal position on a pool party boss-stimulated with a wound to the North, where the trees fall, the wind observed in sonic lashes – afraid I can never tell anymore. Seeds wreaked in the womb, faces extrapolated in forensic modernism, conspiracy sequencing in dreaming pal. 

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