Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Young Pope - Another Mutation

In the Young Pope's terrible dream in the show the smell of castration ceremony of the balls sleep of the balls surpass the nightmare's amputee leather plunge of cube bomb in a ring of tar pits by the rainstorm bread plugged split wild previous long distance relationship a nice peeping tom unbreakable huddle in tomato-red puff of cop yard work very slightly minimalist low-hanging bridge subject to hostile real estate skin babies vacantly eating the fish's asshole bitterly nostalgia-enzymes rust trigger of the orbital leakage with baroque grooved fragment too late with his left hand with the right hand of a telemarketer alarm literally caused vision spiked fluffy! for a year this year together with the balls demurely sit in sulfuric acid lopped-off hands of robe clothes-conscious supporting wearing orange and talking to himself in the terrible dream in color schemes in the weird TV show cleric booty slithering peered inside e-cigarette feathers swarm empty clay empty clay-like weird TV show result near the end of the dream in the show. 

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