Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sunk in toilet suede the monkey tooth, some retailers picked it up from the mouth of a dream made of the original Slenderman's ego, so that's nice, downloaded from a lunar cerebellum's kiss to itself regularly, ugly, ugly, ugly, but not nearly as reactionary as my swaggering entropy buttered by invites and donations of so-called meathead transmission lapse to my personally real and much better alternative zoo shading telephone atmosphere on Craigslist financially up and down mucous turns to pre-shit industrially ok well the acidity of gasoline purple paisley rendered alcohol in a trench and birds pretty indivisible, for the most part, sure, the purpose being a sci-fi beginning to World of Warcraft with pre-death noise bridged legally shit-quiet nature between moods teabagging a dishwasher with its gloom in carbon dioxide bliss. Cold misty morning.... Pure bliss. I tell you, it's all there still. The natural unsolved orb which in bunker mode AI occultism goons around with, pretty much, which, like a knife, can be used to smear and darken a unicorn image on your computer with a disemboweled llama spreadeagled or.... More importantly, like today's nuclear code, I don't know that's what it looks like to me, inexplicably, greenhouse snot balls enter my office or will do so via the art of signing and grabbing screen saver ass to transform the moral high ground into a kitsch mound, very nice, terrifying jungle must go, it must go, while the snubs holding together a smokescreen for their personal action figures which they so like to play with will try to silence, and I've seen them do it, trust me, will try to silence the earthquake, which, by the way, creepily, just disposed of Greenland, will try to silence the earthquake with literal screams of dissent. Sad!  

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