Thursday, January 12, 2017

With my head her food blats narrowly circular like a daredevil tomato in an armpit the background will not follow in sod detail I notice underwater megastructure's pines enclosing points of land out of nowhere my vicious tiny fingers picking headstone label reflected in oxygen wonderful mute cow waterboarding turbulence through lonely thunder's floating nipple hair an orange strand finer than interwoven pylons of golden shower natural to me to one side of the skull microscopically cliffs on which dogs did their pee a president elect's fragility could surface in one of these wonderful moments human meatballs satisfied by a language's natural wonderful human spiked heel with death ascend live plunged psychological mermaid into golden tiled circuit board-tinged inverted upside-down ghost math mexico will pay for the wall my tiny fluorescent volcanic light's crippled pud exceeded on endless paper 

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