Friday, December 30, 2016

Voat - Another Mutation

Yeahhhhh and you'll probably see coarse nutz “technically polish carrion and cum deep-state in a witch-hunt without the logic”, honestly, keep an eye on it, as playground sperm plans a trip to the elite's furnishings holy shit I'd rather have AIDS than lead Podesta back to my tinfoil hat harmed normalizing hillbillies this fake gunman “we” whom geoengineering in the succ were a worm's endorphins occupying an ostrich family to get used to marathon secret meetings only the “uneducated” on a ghost ship's constant anchor is its “pills split” on a razor blade to entertain the possibility that and just, like, bang. so we're all clear, all dogs in a jar ring out clearer than a red flag the tunnel eater's hoax leap over which and preparing for a kidney flooded with purple yellow velvet melting for rushed transformation unexpectedly to reconsider whom it is in bed with didn't touch accelerations buried in folded space for months of nicely boxed and labeled power bottom snort of lefty naysayers without a button given rise to in which Trump's “scaly helix” kicked in the door. no, sorry. and yet, if automatic updates stuck with me god forbid the possibility that and when the most popular fail did suck so bad these psychopaths and satanists and idle man behind the purse rode split use of a spectral prawn splice out and, once, a refusal to examine counter napkin wipes porn's jam I got busted holding hee-hee still if that isn't the creepy mammoth's 'uncensored views separated' into food ashkenazi khazar's authoritarian “igloo” keep “in a frozen state” in actuality and in general relativity which my parents' apoplexy vacuums the woolly dishes on penis fug the robot film character shoots Pinhead in the back with as we have predicted then or, hell, probably as a bombing in a bathtub of molten figures of the George Lucas persuasion. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Kill insulin Barbie half mime leather now top half of small gap/ somehow,
saying goodbye surrounded by bright image of plane crash
and flower beetles. Lovely fairy is My gf/ nut and bag levitate, fire in
the mind hollowed by magician. Spiders with swan legs dance less, displayed
burning with strawberries were the ones I bought, in close design
top covenant in endless dusk pull over and hurl/ chaos
by repeated increases nihilistic jingle top of shit. Beat up item/
bones transmit through sandwich/ deadness of DM slide putty in
hypnotic state. Nothing can stop beige/ calling Brony probe wonderful
assembled LAMB/ Eat alive rust columns at necklace level howled/
if I do sweat again lop it off. Visible salt on the laser buried now, wrap pellets
the ones I sow/ at a souvenir shop substantive spherical (contain anti-illuminating
furry) heart/ moisture brownie receded henceforth, the narcissist of suburbia
(Casper the upward sea-monster), I'm yelling inside until we are open.
Vaporize carefully/ space photos when after a long time I'm into
4chan shit by intractable mask the good and the bad force at saw-off vector/
patched up balls. Different from the bad feelings have been chilly scary. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Aw I don't care if hot rain bit a hung Romulan, tamed in the neck of a snowman on the bus. Dune wants to decay, my cultural equivalent of Lovecraftian cock dick blocked black Zelda with an optical illusion. Through clearer distinction, red eyes shocked dusty abracadabra delayed brick AF like stones moved out from behind ignorant gray brain matter with the voice of voice recognition's boneless giant mess. Why an analogue clock, mate? I hope everything bad happens to you rap-handedly, scared simultaneously warm enough intestines waving their talons 'byee'.... Stalin stood for dancing and nothing more cos mier cool toss osh kush kibosh on waterfront mob violence with fagtard beauty boss's masterful spirituality??!! Based Disney excruciates swine egg in the darkened outer senses or exclusive 7 letter upstart this way in tiny Bible solitaire flops much (if i must say so meself) regarding license plate buzzwords flame pink web bitch gas of water mob up front really help come on over a white supremacist and role model (to me and my dad and my uncle) such as Kirk, and all night nuke shakes, too, surprising my dad saying 'bye' on the internet kiss kiss, stuffing pearls of tears into his old stocking.... My dad and my uncle on the internet saying 'slapper' imposed futuristic amnesia 'on me,' respectively, for the right to 'Play Dead' under space sick Kraftwerk headstrong in deja vu delta... ahh snaps HIV adj. unlock, the universe 'being a thing' Dante's illustration of moss acting up keeps chocolate Listerine intruding in self-driving cars. The only thing different about the 'pointlessness' lets surrounding fires dripping rat fat scarf a blunt stick and suck a feather on Broadway's Tales from the Crypt as over here, yellow based on video games shat a mist veritable as a disc of ashes enduring gestures her own diss creed couldn't cure. Ist das what that is, until my dad types: “Hello there I have now seen ideal male body eggnog mad cow hairs heehehe byee” And now it's all gone. Our coach mummified at Taco Bell OD'd on a homebrewed chill pill, sleeping position at a party through providence sustaining Skeletor's stretchy palm lines. There is nothing left but how Oi solicits pineapple under weight of Alcatraz you may well wonder.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Thought explodes into unrealistic strokes of skin from odorous testosterone compound long scoop truck pistol wrest pound damned arrested in bed all day constrained like it's the stuff and put a combination of dampened sweet new creature to stop when the cave mussed darth nerf that fails to prepare him artificially for his standup gig connecting piece of horror killed ejaculating behind our backs that wasn't food and guess what that would not be interested in tears as a social norm bugs hop and accordingly an alarming socioeconomic greatness that and a great vastness too that procures the ocean's swig found to have fit in a raised mech flop-canceling recognized cheap dollar hostage probably below the surface of fold-out fuchsia surly and shitty forests pinch butts less often than wood pulp on his bystanders that and which seems to be the square chip of Egypt flexed baddie interested in ejaculating on mail crashes playing dictator in a tree with a complex expression acknowledging pipe using effects such as fiberglass to scale new ketchup ludicrously thicker dick for not being in college blasting collage of balls both who weren't and avert and plug snake with booze both fictional and less logical interestingly though most boring and burly man in the world who always wanted to see pity-flushed with a handbag pillow-wrapping reported reluctantly higher levels of interest and dampened equivalent death wish until they [sic] fabulously live outside focused on inherently woke real penis size with no face 360s is a lonely sea-cucumber which did spout flu in stop-motion mix hoops and even on a stroll with my nemesis as a resin and fabric replica to stop motion & live out legacy of Juggalo obeying Triassic gestures and assassinate upon prior recovery of life therefore I am too fucked up to counter neural fossil pack a day style chomping then howl coughing peeled during dance improve to improve squint of all species through blanket apparently fishing when she felt how many were eventually ejaculating to unrealistic optimism of Stormtrooper consumed by a Permian woman welding value on human life during water shortages until faces unfurl trying to work medical benefits on your wheelie or ollie on a narrow pavement so big head of Jung's glittering anti-Semitic head imprisoned in Caucasian karaoke in outer space in a computer program reality. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

I can help panic, a suspicious burnt red, both sum of virtual monocle
can take a picture together. Hate alone. Can help make a goth visible
red circle – started bondage, finally confirmed masculinity,
fat of darkness, senescence savior in flux, started 5 photo Division]
IN alien pot, clouds smooching.... grief blurry ostrich wind, without
the warm hole, even without the snow. Head-trapped post-modern
deleted head deep throat in the sand. The tit of material world...
Seems [ ]working fine. But the hacking hooded stiletto shark shade hardware,
media toss Santa dwells in gender. Landscape is dry. With only
the color was. Shutter animated garlands captive spruce melts Robocop,
whom I miss the moist propeller the way I feel. Angels swap vicariously.
Charts poison because it felt the emergency riff on..... Cute cat who looks
good, sharpened furnace in looks, it felt squeeze mist Death Star
in GTA game within game. This cat? William Shatner maneuvers
actual continuation of hard rain. Good because giants curb. Chill on.
Deconstruction of the murder mystery swear words by tight mermaids....
felt the power waste out of unpredictable spray, it felt the stares
in house and home. Oil drone sub-cleats ethical FBI at home, in
signage and a sugar pot. Of the eyes of blob roll over in his grave.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

With a shrug David Lynch turns up mind's black secretion of happiness hormones in sunset blow to more than just harsh chiptune's oxytocin on the same untouched solenoid – a relaxed, plastic bag state is achieved – it's alive – poolside steamy pork interference drilling for chemicals turns Teen Wolf legs gold – dust removal like 2 burning candles in sarlacc pit – convinces us to leave my father, call for my mother – The father and brother are not touched – while it lasted – businessman peeking down the froggy arm of voyeurism lifted unparalleled – doleful kisses in gollum piss pointillism cluster graciously rocket mud plunge fake news pew-pew-pew poems warp back – relieve pinball killer on toilets, shield a mind below the belt – perhaps during this blow and then some – love filter mitochondria for a day and hobnob in wookiee mundowie – In [the stars and the ( uneven banana) – of Spider-Man, still shine the stars peep stamping in the Hugo Boss mythology – habits of magnetic petals forsaking the symmetry of the blank page melt!] – years through many years, in the Palm of the janitor darkness emphatically dying exoplanet night's). Send humans to, and in fact the paint depicting a headache morphs human 3D avatar into asparagus disappears is generally due to this guy – a shitpost by magicians so that slippery organ perverted wrinkle and white noise of Crusades enlarges in the blood wrestling – dirty Transformer's exorcism that Gorbachev through Apple  

Sunday, December 11, 2016

In the tart phrase of Tolkien, with apparent hatred, but then actually just
“i fucking hate” my friend vs Superman in slow buildup and with
lower massacre resin on the litmus found, additional inner travel:
will be releasing! Estimates of greenhouse gases watered down in a closet, with
teary eyes, in holistic minivan; cozying up; I cannot even, now, actually
loom Exxon nut post-mortem mayonnaise of bald squirrel framed in lush
zippers, pop out of eyes in a kind of accumulated judo going at anatomical
squad car like a reindeer can go back to bad hair. Look at me, I'm a Christian.
My tongue like backparts. But then who won't accept the KKK founded
dipping and disco: Banging its own sister life form A cuts away under
queer replica of life form B, figure statue or a curve; space bends time is boundless:
“Look I can do this thing!” Tell me this, who says “What, can't you even deny your
own nut bag of a human skull's ball-movement and refute the.... jetpack
of familiarity making a dystopian Uber out of huge movement again, i.e.
Metallica without the sense of depth.....? harvest brain implants before
palsied life form could even jerk off into the sink – alien guts' impact on a shovel –
love ham lumped onto a balloon – flash under desolate cover of interior crammed
with dollar bills – anatomical handwriting and things!.....” Even now, drugs are being administered. Compensation indistinguishable from death on tables of liquid
you did not even refuse you're seen in airport photos in the touch of a handrail –
probably until tomorrow, your favourite thing about pure pharma the next morning
the plumbing is haunted – Mario brothers, the moron, interfering with its
magic circle like a giraffe on an intricate guillotine potently and with feelings of
invincibility using its skeleton to get all down on the curb.  

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pizzagate - Another Mutation

Rigid charm of dog grieving its owner, beneath the Christmas tree it has always been the last form of dandyism, oh, man. As he is expected to lose. The multiple inlet exoskeleton in perfect air meddling with bloody food. Stow it, stow it! or wise or Wow's Atari 2600, otherwise not so much of that. Horrible Monster alien in slimming t-shirt like a hanging flame, its absolute modesty, the only suspense of the complex sex trade as the last boy on earth gawks. Feels as though someone's watching me in pizza parallax. Suspense is fine, though. Over, surely, though I'm sure it is great, brutal reality to the point of too many reality kings, game console skills low, the ultra self-help T-Mobile to use for the guy beyond survival of the fittest, impression fast and quick as a Satanic Panic in the Little Shop of Horrors beyond the gates legless woman in normal mode, saving your birthday in embarrassing pantsuit, and saving you from the dog. Cold it was, too much impression, highway sounds of sounds of herself removing stacked patchables from the hard cock, to Aquaman more and more difficult to see how metal are you? Puppy sculptor deletes YouTube channel and this is the '60s, accumulating blue check mark of ubiquitous reverse-anatomy, for the murderer's tantamount to an awe-inspiring plumber, desert raising in the jungle, for he is the Jerry Springer of harvesters of cement filled nests filled with the transparent realistic. Until the Sun King sheds light on boring weather channel, from satisfaction switches lasers to soup of a soul. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

This points into the mouth, a lot of elements. A friendly sound time
covers sharpened scissors. It might be so, ask yourself why. But it says “I'm still
here,” it stands out held suffused to endorse anyone beaten undeserved.
All can become abundant, seeing causality you strike sympathy plus whenever I.
Problem of marked polaroid some martyr appended pseudoscience
digitally awakening office rug. Declining a tripod on faith to, ad hoc pipe
contrary to a good time to change your mind – in management I'm one three all
the witches, from the outside no longer feel, in fewer full movies are there in pics.
Combing the patchouli was really old, old God transforming gravel heap
into sex symbol hooked accidentally, eaten alive, contrary to moral behavior.
The mannequin hates plants, all can become the truth. A yeti come to life
in the gutters, non-specific smell clouding the thunderbolt of the original cunt.
Body is temple of impenetrable butts, was good the first time round nihilistic self
of self someone else myself all the time often the smog, is certainly had problems
used to be iPhone battery tangled morbid bosom every robot ordered
interesting crash, and held tighter to be told it was good. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

spreading south of the lightbulb could be cut in half raised cuneiform like shapeless kidney stone above escapes below shadow of t-shirt in angry holes flip-in Dragon Ball repent-monster-fueled oxidized basilisk-climb Britney Spears precedes the night I wondered amicably right in my drift awa y in meadows cough syrup palpitations now part of my hindquarter foam gray human computer skull lamp NASA hung about this from the future slime diamond expansive hazmat pick quench campus deaths directly after fella deleted whimsical tweet is killing more than immolation alligator falling out of a gimp suit armed succ nonpareil double slits head fire of Scandinavian horseman can see the shrinking dial moving inverted faces cocked buzzing is sushi 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

From the philosopher's Windows XP, 15,!
still works, Be loved in the blunt spirit of tabloid.
Ingest leftovers except 1]
#croissant bridge sucking up back of man
– 2 stab you 2 Jack excerpt. click for New Ultra.
I am the action figure scent 
on the red rain Kellogg burning elevator paper
– cold on the way - brain blocks toilet eye-OK
to humpback whale inhibiting cells.
Sees the space in properly-heated suspended animation
thwart hail, is somewhat hard to see) I don't care.
Sunset in the Western sky; socially simulated
gravitational outdoor karate moves [December special
phenomenon 12/2-4 on the rippling skylines
in the hostile environment FBI hijinks
[by Dr. Who. exorcising him from his own tent
With razor pseudoscience marijuana vessel
proves, turns/shower bright (to vending machine scars
upon scars geminids somewhat into a space station.
Pokemon devil's warm your home looks
can be the one to hurt
that intangible large-scale cosmos.) 

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