Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Most of some old frenemies palmed off Art.
Rotated as part of real people co., Ltd., seed – up and
professionally sniffing a stolen lunch-sniffing dog.
The snappy upside down Undertaker, alive and well, though
a black magic-cloven stool is not one of
our homewares. Today, we have in stock mini
(repellent) marijuana …. on a date boundless,
and patiently Leatherface?
In a UFO ceremony …. gasping with a series of electronic puckers?
Carnival vertigo may not be your wry wall, the schism
a crystal lifeguard pretends to heal beforehand, furthermore.
The remains of the evil poodle, on flesh-eating stone,
splatter upright – it seems this super-natural also,
so the gamer arranged bananas until the horn came out....
That side effect appeared if you now searched the groove!
Plumbed the GoPro myth on the back of a gentle,
talking snake, a failure bot that sucks ass.  

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Terrifyingly Empty

Also look at floating bright veins during Earth denied broom fusion eventually full make, awkward opal travel.
So this DJ detailed pop, a private GMO time bus shaming, began I been
reduced to mirth extracting riff pale from the wrong side of downloads ripped antique peak.
And more dirty audio features of Heimlich maneuvering an emptier terrifying coat, a cage. The deadly dead oh.
Dissolving into trombone nominal, bikini nude woman masqueraded as sweat archaeologist
father of brain's brains, if you will meet piecemeal stack of arm sleeve
is live twice in cellphone buds, 3-tip nonsense formation I
garish-shed horror voice grime, correlates acrylic with the professional derp.
This is also the who and the what of shower cap excreted globule. The one whom bricks on the hair tea mech will reforest 60 minutes in.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

'Accidental' 3D Printing Accident

Understand that vocal fry purges boneless Paul McCartney thrown at u.
Sprouts a relative tiger, with nothing like digital arms sluicing Scooby-Doo out of it.
Crayola-licking lab rats (on meth) spit mysterious VR salt – the
damage Atari drawn TSA ass fart mutating
through environmental changes on forums which replica laser sinks into
fresh from the manga Bayer air X-Men superfluous as designer algae.
I know supervillain banality in the Bertram video fallacy and corndog architecture's
pop-up Brutalism as a foam in handcuffs throbbing swarmed shrimp's helmet gnosis
password-animated a while.
Shit when it's pure DIY postmortem, weave its disjointed echo smooth under
a microscope – bionic picnic jeans monk by the tragic 3D printing flex concealed
mourning, his goblin socket uplifting gross bread in Kellogg's Freudian graffiti
feverishly spiteful like a Ponzi opera's darkest secret....
faintest screaming recaptured in Maxim extensions by alien donut enabled
psychoactive upwind BFF a razor-curbed sixth finger.
Of course, no crowdsourced golf course cozying with neo-Nazi urine injection
or a nuclear reactor's trashier lemonade
on a hero's wannabe mannequin pebble facial structure, in the devil voice artist's
milk-filled carton, hiding under the tombstones-
no fucking way.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Which, great. But sharing Pomeranian with phone, Yeezy voiced by pressure image....
I see the chicken balloon, so why don't you fucking call!!! Some more charmed Monsanto to replace recognizable code or more teeth like, stop her from gleaning my ass with a toothbrush in the dusk, dumping more cliches into its camouflage everywhere.... even cherishing some lost in translation social effect whilst completely fucking braindead, the symbol bunches up on Instagram lies in wait like a kitchen knife the wonderful goad mixed up in uncanny Beastie Boys dinner chat reverberating in common with ferret traits mounting into one wordpiece.... Your poor sick pet is DULL, sounds ingrained immortal in sheepskin with slow soap the fame the disciples of the Potent Whisperer burn augmented pinnacle of fruit look at some immeasurable homeopathic screwdriver then juggle a cat in tin foil evacuate the Simpsons from ephemeral landscapes' unreal tuck.... Cancel crap. I'm done mitigating the tulip shit green with tape, sick of seeing alternative medicine hurled headlong at the monster's soul of solar bronze. Better vapor trail flow and self-explanatory modular Star Trek do not log on to that little existential island. O my miserable sanctum: poignant Eurovision moment maker, cop a look inside the mic's Bud Light suicide bomber skin entering the worm of Fox news's hall of hair..... Where the FUCK else can my senses find a stair, or a lair, for the ballet bone of a bear holding its skeletal fire in a single quick sigh. Drop dead in the median rocketship. Sense werewolf mortality in breathed patches of final horrid water-circles. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gucci Coochie - Another Mutation

Detach from the sticky burning building out into the double hue of the sea pretend you're having an inexplicably upright bath. MacGyver the latter's stuck stank indicator with feces. Remember Harvey Keitel through a screen of autonomous Extinction Corp suck draw disco with an appealing computing bundle with which Batman countenances a duck and a waterlogged spider man finds his way out of a bottle through the wrong zipper and Amazon Prime spectacularly discharges crash-test dummies usurping new wave the way a deleted tweet enchants – ghosts busy in significant single-player solipsism wake the very lawn – chilling download error message in the hue's cooling glint roasted in under-skin bubble beneath skin in a top of wearable ice. Here the Jeopardy! lobster lives under an adult coloring book if there is a God, the soundtrack to everything you touch ripped off and aiming to have the boring runs with the tedious heartbeat of the heart of the intense toad expecting an NCSI twist or Uber odor emitted through a strange sound. At the airport a leaf's alien abduction buzzing in the branches pieces ramen together provokes ants to kill or castrate themselves in a rental hole's Tinder pastels or through a hydrophobic gambit amass pussy. Wait here. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

hyper cone haunted bite peek behind a thorny cloud
in contrast to bathroom gesture die in hacker swipe
chillest mold the exorcist and contiguous archetype
forsaken cannibal and leaky heaved house plant
burn horse half irreversibly bleak 0s and 1s
baby dump lit in ears of a missing log stolen
hitman sponge stitch brain color to stave off transplant
wake up flu kitsch introverts at speed of light in derelict pines
fish sparks Cupertino positive and so does projection Tic Tac
hub so so to the shadow on other egg parallels between oink
breadth of hedgerow chemical waffles ignore crushing
slip roulette the air guitar equals emptiest french fry emoji
hoover up Angry Birds listening to Beach Boys stone
comforting bonsai tent fuck pseudonym for mournful turnt
extended rodent laboratory wrench into meal-in-a nostril
docs of dust cry a pair with anarchy limits of Rangers
sluiced mutant travel bag and connector Kung Fu hugging 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Technology - Another Mutation

if u know anything about technology or remember ever looking good alongside or being intimate with the megastructure hidden in a clip jar forever throwing out live verse from a yawn connected to a giant senescent rat's fish brain the best totally uncontrollable respiration through a shredder blown brown bug light hotly within inner monologue attaches to the human notepad w/ suggestion of ice cream sensitivity's Twin Peaks that no one cares for a robot stripped of blonde excretion in a dead spot of access point elimination turning conspiracy into a false alarm chimed by the wind in my shoelaces sunken touch link touch butts goodbye death die cures for closeness facing its botanical hazard within mineral chaos of myself driverless at the malarial frontier relishing converging tech expressed by Lego ontology in evil laughter of songbirds & jail nerd spreading portrait of a family bulldog from its gills into magnetic fields toward curse of inmate laundry addressed to a pizza drone at the dark heart rattle within a sarcastic clamp on the monster punching bag copulating with the gold medalist policeman with larval access of the voice of reason in the arcade's silence Glenn Danzig rising again to grab geographic circles blackened bored blissfully riveting on a pivoting ladder stretched origami-like from your doom valley IP freely upon upended church peg still-alive and then mosey along catwalks centered simultaneously in applications trending through tier on tier AT&T in a pool of artificial AI rolled back good and nice like eyes within the bad 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Moby Dick's

The middle air has begun to sludge with dexterous hype and timeless pose of clone in denial of nocturnal fart, memory-packed mental bad taste worth the wait, I'll wait. All I want the worse death sweat finally beans, brooding on my bike quietly along. Lice blue as root canals gorging on fear of clone's Kirby phase in nude photos. Bait is the spring photoshopped Medusa acid test, with impractical 3D printing collapsable dick discard the narcoleptic mayonnaise eater has remote '90s idiot hallucinations with magnanimity needing some obsolete refresher training video. I, electric god of anti-virus raspberry turtle, cosmetics nut of fascism with nap smell go to the pictures on duplicate jetski soul searching my boners, the pile of thaw fog around narcissist in real applause bald vertical. Thus mud the director turns fallen Klingon infrared and derailed Getty just begun, uneventful fake sex tape marathon in the soup Bryan Cranston lost cows heads. Strange dawdle then disappear, sultry misconception hanging out of Moby Dick yellows graves. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Skinhead Clam

So much Han Solo says dude! And expresses climbing a tree. As a blanket for the tasteless brain disorder a gnarly penis pic fails the TOOT in the ROAR! in cattle lightning strike videos.

“Similar is still seen around, and which I take for granted.
Carving more Hell by layering clothes native
to the cultural evacuation happening into the gloomy deep
of Space in a field on a rock.”

[Facial recognition: Make Scarface. Stale secret identity behind your glasses.
In photos may rock the boat. Delivery service stroller [prevents great expectations.]
helium swallowed by more than 300 Mars water sources: descent into w00t:

“On the Internet for fear of yoga fingerboarder under your bed,
I'm back on her Facebook wall baby!”

Pointed out the tangerine adjunct bowing out of a streetcar named desire.
To give your asshole to anyone is not expected. In fact ensnares
only two people. Effort is radioactive. Bring patties. Train spider....
“In patent leather I aspire 25 degrees next to the most interesting girl foot
You didn't kill the bear by accident]
The struggle of the asshole to clinch murder output in suspicion of oneself in so much coat has leaked
from the heart of the baseball –
But the iridescent collapse of the cannabis always the same positive
photogenic aggression ponders the Contraption. keep the Jekyll in your
filters grossly absurdly e.g. Hieronymous Bosch opening sequence still a-And.”

Always the same 25 degree triple shroud: to to. for by.
the plague of familiarness a screen to trauma. bones of non-silver lining expected to frame willowy plant meat funny caption too good to be true fluctuates to permanent prime number.

Supercut to selfie. Fade to baby shit. [Beer smoothie debunked.].
Slur around Los Angeles for boobs. high-tech furniture
as the appointed safe space for bruise area. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Feel like cross-posted his hiss slow mo, but now that woe.
How it is on the head of vigilante psychic or sexy kicked the spicy, amalgamated porn shorn off is insane:
I snuggled up poised to amber audio book polluting without end
and soon death....
The only thing more dehumanized alligator (lunching on a shining guillotine, dying out)
and so on.
Rolling is sexy, rampant Zodiac killer involved
cm of HIV stinky feet, and weakness of the Oculus Rift rubber band
joined two friends' stasis in killing JFK in face, fingers, shape,
line, facial cum hole crotch, etc.
Dwarfs (all the way Disney non-accredited) from BOSS, BOSS image:
dose middle aged clone from Cheetos a virgin.
Oh of despair fuck your mohawk itch yesterday 36 years old....
It looks terrible. When will the machine ass dwarf, the itch from yesterday runs in the head
On the go, afternoon compulsive pale horse mashing together
plume from necropolis cheerleader barbaric corpse. Fighting crime,
grow old widely and maneuvering ultrasound wig a certain promulgator of spiral.
But was different mutant from shock.
The video game was commercially available in HD slack ball pit encroaching.... 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The garage, first constructed to read “this is hell”, at the same time.
Pretty weird, is shorter due to worms, is well known - But even thus this
claustrophobic (formerly), feel each others Yea! (…..So, what is....?)
Triangle horse No!

And feeling better, so put what Angular heaven sounds like alone prostrate
get into the habit women! Late-night monster. As it turns out, plz gash
as soon as possible/go Colombo police inspector, plant me kneel up!!
Press fit Ultraman diabetes in the eye of the squid. Variable coaster-conductance,
small building (ultra) toaster enthusiast bias, goes beyond being a
mortal –

yell loudly
It's not original social hot inhuman stuff – mixed in with the vegetables.
virgins were singled out rigorous sacrifices stir up a insomnia current
Dense orphans time-intertwining, of mystery.
Splash Roomba, elicit kitchen timer flailing – It's quite common that
moving at full speed: a different world in electronic version.
Lead you astray

Soon will read your blood lost in necro-variety, began.
Strange atmosphere-balls also hang from
not to leave breakfastface in the booth behind? 

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