Friday, April 29, 2016

The average bed spring disguised in the chaos of prison time goosebumps
undulates in a space telescope's breakdown upon a dead bump, “a
state of mind” subjected to blob of kitsch radar still rolled up “big pharma-style,”
the complex criminal cock rock not included, is midnight Leonardo DiCaprio
oblivious to the care circus's forgotten climate change lesbian's sword in
a sense Darth Vader fat girl suck my tonsil matter contents, his dirty mind shut
down miles square techno, piece of ear nature's supernatural intruder is in, as at
skullcap height Chewbacca car dealership becomes apt, e.g. slime as metaphor
for professional wrestling & bedding, the mushroom symbolism montage of buffalo
et al, frozen in the jizz slowly and because of the black hole polygamy celebrates
at cemeteries the patriarchy says breast reduction pwns, disposes and takes on fish
farm mural against the chill pill's optical illusion of an open gong in the baby's
grandma crib painstakingly is real. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mid Sin Tin, Fog, & Levitation

Fresh insect fugue pump remote save assuage sausage spinning
poured glaring foreshadowing can't resist ice age toy gun's
angry prostate underworld slither paved with lousier
yellow to shit night on earth. Would drift of hair dryer noise fuck
with compatible ether as the wrong cluster pearls before cold maggot mist
filling its disgust with a leatherbound tractor beam unmanageably
imagined spirits of mice laughing in a drop of brown? Interbred denim
cloud without a brain manifests URLs in a lamp dreaming red angels burning
in a taxi which twin Dalek architectures fuck, thank you, squid transcribed
emotionally eating into consciousness dude, man. Dirt zoo fathom hot twist jaw-
dropping horror mountains enclose the devil in me. Magic computer virus dressed
in beer scales who doth wear coconut shells chronologically layered in desecration
structures cotton dream-skin's septum finger-lickin' dank wrath. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New World Order – Another Mutation

Writhings haunt a type of air sweeping up ping pong balls.
Through naked New World Order fashion suicide based in Fremen self-sufficiency,
you'll attack glass in Moab with Pierce Morgan – indoors, a Chernobyl
sneeze fails to get the lemonade out from gouty joints.
The moleskin seems a little sweaty at times. Crusts in lustful
tsunami of food poisoning's resistance to grappling hook.
Happy Grateful Dead day. Come out tonight! I've 13 views of the hybrid
cell on Alien antidepressants – the oil-phobe's chilling cure thru endless
rough surgery at a medley of golden altitudes will resurrect a hateful beauty again –
Ripley licking acid humps beaches the huge mind on a doormat.
More robot drama, switches raked through nice food delivery options,
Saturn's goofy strip tasted on the death outpost's sacred accelerator.   

Monday, April 25, 2016

In The Eye Of The Dust Devil

Water at the intersection of tunnels made of licorice, glacial muscle sprained
by Adam Sandler in a dust devil seemingly extended from obscure chemistry.
A glitch in his Amazon gift card eventually capturing Mr Coffee execution-style;
VHS antennas along the planet's cave touching vegan space.
In the Mortal Kombat sex position downloading a symbol akin to
a bad kid's mind control, self-destructs nauseated by the bakery felony.
Blood-soaked, she gives long pauses in Prada id saying
sorry, what do you mean?
Aimless demon heels leap, as hell rain slides into your DMs
stereotyping psychedelia's livid tendencies –
the funerary memory a carbon eat-athon, the river fragmented
in a crippling aerial shot...
The lackluster sinner dragged along sexily is alright,
would hack the sofa again until shame puts a hat on this snare.
A giant gathering on his own milk. Passive fucking all day.
The toxic avenger grabbing Genghis Khan's plastic bag like
a cheerful monster pulling a kitten out of a tree. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Wizard Of Gore – Another Mutation

I am Montag. The magnificent!
I stab burger in timeless spin.
I think the zoo doesn't work –
female encryption slithers on all sides.
Streak of Hermes's joy on display pigheaded.
One wishes to scan the gory love story!
Watch the villain begin to die!
But my weapon is the open mic's dig of swan coke arch –
with circle of dark pastel stretched over
dream-excesses, the Viking destroys reality TV's weave!
And tackling bread in independent speed-fractals,
Buster Keaton purses!
Now, cold lady cyclops -
cryonically pranked by major tin-fledged
mountains in earth's shame –
almost die! HAHAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It doesn't matter if they are quite dead. Dear God. Eternal light.
Earthly suffering. The elephant is made of blue ozone.
Killing women. Pussy and cars. I'm an American. An Armenian.
Girl in a band must shut up! Enjoying watching die.
Olive branch. Babylon. Some children did not ask to be born.
Emo. What have I become? Wading through tears. Putin.
Boogie woogie. Dark. The cops are sniffing around my mobile
home. I'm from space. Earth looks vulnerable form space.
Dreams do come true. Time surpasses the happy times.
Doubt creeps in. God made me an orphan. The penis is a pipe
dream to every whore. Beautiful music pumps through the guy
when he enters the girl. Fruit man puts his tongue on the nose
of a dog, it's fucking ruined now.... Within an inch of my life.
Prime numbers. Last night was icky to the girl. Not cool. Not cool.
This girl is trying to be annoying, and is succeeding.
The fool thinks. I'm not into that kind of shit. Batfuk.
The guy has so far cut open the guy's head 4 times. Filled with
rage, cursing. The guy plays Solitaire to blot out the vague lingering
guilt. The guy and the girl are politically incompatible. Sitting
on hard humps.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Material objects are relatable through destruction,
drowsy citadel rubbed with limbless clockwork hanging wireless,
constrained emotionally by sex through its spin-off console,
swarmed interactions straightened discomfort, wrestle-
doused underpants in rooms of rat milk stimulus of earth,
my giant son's butt ridges obscure his own stop motion in the VR
headset, I'd auction him off bare and watch him scissor through a
human sacrifice, vomit his love for bouncy castle boobs, I cannot
help dwarves stuck near rubber, split safe swap and dissolve
black ocean floor haunted neutral by dye, the attractiveness
of normality in a sense of midnight bulging, matter is real,
death, and glory with its belated sounds. 

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