Wednesday, December 14, 2016

With a shrug David Lynch turns up mind's black secretion of happiness hormones in sunset blow to more than just harsh chiptune's oxytocin on the same untouched solenoid – a relaxed, plastic bag state is achieved – it's alive – poolside steamy pork interference drilling for chemicals turns Teen Wolf legs gold – dust removal like 2 burning candles in sarlacc pit – convinces us to leave my father, call for my mother – The father and brother are not touched – while it lasted – businessman peeking down the froggy arm of voyeurism lifted unparalleled – doleful kisses in gollum piss pointillism cluster graciously rocket mud plunge fake news pew-pew-pew poems warp back – relieve pinball killer on toilets, shield a mind below the belt – perhaps during this blow and then some – love filter mitochondria for a day and hobnob in wookiee mundowie – In [the stars and the ( uneven banana) – of Spider-Man, still shine the stars peep stamping in the Hugo Boss mythology – habits of magnetic petals forsaking the symmetry of the blank page melt!] – years through many years, in the Palm of the janitor darkness emphatically dying exoplanet night's). Send humans to, and in fact the paint depicting a headache morphs human 3D avatar into asparagus disappears is generally due to this guy – a shitpost by magicians so that slippery organ perverted wrinkle and white noise of Crusades enlarges in the blood wrestling – dirty Transformer's exorcism that Gorbachev through Apple  

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