Friday, December 30, 2016

Voat - Another Mutation

Yeahhhhh and you'll probably see coarse nutz “technically polish carrion and cum deep-state in a witch-hunt without the logic”, honestly, keep an eye on it, as playground sperm plans a trip to the elite's furnishings holy shit I'd rather have AIDS than lead Podesta back to my tinfoil hat harmed normalizing hillbillies this fake gunman “we” whom geoengineering in the succ were a worm's endorphins occupying an ostrich family to get used to marathon secret meetings only the “uneducated” on a ghost ship's constant anchor is its “pills split” on a razor blade to entertain the possibility that and just, like, bang. so we're all clear, all dogs in a jar ring out clearer than a red flag the tunnel eater's hoax leap over which and preparing for a kidney flooded with purple yellow velvet melting for rushed transformation unexpectedly to reconsider whom it is in bed with didn't touch accelerations buried in folded space for months of nicely boxed and labeled power bottom snort of lefty naysayers without a button given rise to in which Trump's “scaly helix” kicked in the door. no, sorry. and yet, if automatic updates stuck with me god forbid the possibility that and when the most popular fail did suck so bad these psychopaths and satanists and idle man behind the purse rode split use of a spectral prawn splice out and, once, a refusal to examine counter napkin wipes porn's jam I got busted holding hee-hee still if that isn't the creepy mammoth's 'uncensored views separated' into food ashkenazi khazar's authoritarian “igloo” keep “in a frozen state” in actuality and in general relativity which my parents' apoplexy vacuums the woolly dishes on penis fug the robot film character shoots Pinhead in the back with as we have predicted then or, hell, probably as a bombing in a bathtub of molten figures of the George Lucas persuasion. 

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