Monday, December 26, 2016

Kill insulin Barbie half mime leather now top half of small gap/ somehow,
saying goodbye surrounded by bright image of plane crash
and flower beetles. Lovely fairy is My gf/ nut and bag levitate, fire in
the mind hollowed by magician. Spiders with swan legs dance less, displayed
burning with strawberries were the ones I bought, in close design
top covenant in endless dusk pull over and hurl/ chaos
by repeated increases nihilistic jingle top of shit. Beat up item/
bones transmit through sandwich/ deadness of DM slide putty in
hypnotic state. Nothing can stop beige/ calling Brony probe wonderful
assembled LAMB/ Eat alive rust columns at necklace level howled/
if I do sweat again lop it off. Visible salt on the laser buried now, wrap pellets
the ones I sow/ at a souvenir shop substantive spherical (contain anti-illuminating
furry) heart/ moisture brownie receded henceforth, the narcissist of suburbia
(Casper the upward sea-monster), I'm yelling inside until we are open.
Vaporize carefully/ space photos when after a long time I'm into
4chan shit by intractable mask the good and the bad force at saw-off vector/
patched up balls. Different from the bad feelings have been chilly scary. 

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