Sunday, December 11, 2016

In the tart phrase of Tolkien, with apparent hatred, but then actually just
“i fucking hate” my friend vs Superman in slow buildup and with
lower massacre resin on the litmus found, additional inner travel:
will be releasing! Estimates of greenhouse gases watered down in a closet, with
teary eyes, in holistic minivan; cozying up; I cannot even, now, actually
loom Exxon nut post-mortem mayonnaise of bald squirrel framed in lush
zippers, pop out of eyes in a kind of accumulated judo going at anatomical
squad car like a reindeer can go back to bad hair. Look at me, I'm a Christian.
My tongue like backparts. But then who won't accept the KKK founded
dipping and disco: Banging its own sister life form A cuts away under
queer replica of life form B, figure statue or a curve; space bends time is boundless:
“Look I can do this thing!” Tell me this, who says “What, can't you even deny your
own nut bag of a human skull's ball-movement and refute the.... jetpack
of familiarity making a dystopian Uber out of huge movement again, i.e.
Metallica without the sense of depth.....? harvest brain implants before
palsied life form could even jerk off into the sink – alien guts' impact on a shovel –
love ham lumped onto a balloon – flash under desolate cover of interior crammed
with dollar bills – anatomical handwriting and things!.....” Even now, drugs are being administered. Compensation indistinguishable from death on tables of liquid
you did not even refuse you're seen in airport photos in the touch of a handrail –
probably until tomorrow, your favourite thing about pure pharma the next morning
the plumbing is haunted – Mario brothers, the moron, interfering with its
magic circle like a giraffe on an intricate guillotine potently and with feelings of
invincibility using its skeleton to get all down on the curb.  

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