Friday, December 16, 2016

I can help panic, a suspicious burnt red, both sum of virtual monocle
can take a picture together. Hate alone. Can help make a goth visible
red circle – started bondage, finally confirmed masculinity,
fat of darkness, senescence savior in flux, started 5 photo Division]
IN alien pot, clouds smooching.... grief blurry ostrich wind, without
the warm hole, even without the snow. Head-trapped post-modern
deleted head deep throat in the sand. The tit of material world...
Seems [ ]working fine. But the hacking hooded stiletto shark shade hardware,
media toss Santa dwells in gender. Landscape is dry. With only
the color was. Shutter animated garlands captive spruce melts Robocop,
whom I miss the moist propeller the way I feel. Angels swap vicariously.
Charts poison because it felt the emergency riff on..... Cute cat who looks
good, sharpened furnace in looks, it felt squeeze mist Death Star
in GTA game within game. This cat? William Shatner maneuvers
actual continuation of hard rain. Good because giants curb. Chill on.
Deconstruction of the murder mystery swear words by tight mermaids....
felt the power waste out of unpredictable spray, it felt the stares
in house and home. Oil drone sub-cleats ethical FBI at home, in
signage and a sugar pot. Of the eyes of blob roll over in his grave.

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