Thursday, December 1, 2016

From the philosopher's Windows XP, 15,!
still works, Be loved in the blunt spirit of tabloid.
Ingest leftovers except 1]
#croissant bridge sucking up back of man
– 2 stab you 2 Jack excerpt. click for New Ultra.
I am the action figure scent 
on the red rain Kellogg burning elevator paper
– cold on the way - brain blocks toilet eye-OK
to humpback whale inhibiting cells.
Sees the space in properly-heated suspended animation
thwart hail, is somewhat hard to see) I don't care.
Sunset in the Western sky; socially simulated
gravitational outdoor karate moves [December special
phenomenon 12/2-4 on the rippling skylines
in the hostile environment FBI hijinks
[by Dr. Who. exorcising him from his own tent
With razor pseudoscience marijuana vessel
proves, turns/shower bright (to vending machine scars
upon scars geminids somewhat into a space station.
Pokemon devil's warm your home looks
can be the one to hurt
that intangible large-scale cosmos.) 

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