Thursday, December 22, 2016

Aw I don't care if hot rain bit a hung Romulan, tamed in the neck of a snowman on the bus. Dune wants to decay, my cultural equivalent of Lovecraftian cock dick blocked black Zelda with an optical illusion. Through clearer distinction, red eyes shocked dusty abracadabra delayed brick AF like stones moved out from behind ignorant gray brain matter with the voice of voice recognition's boneless giant mess. Why an analogue clock, mate? I hope everything bad happens to you rap-handedly, scared simultaneously warm enough intestines waving their talons 'byee'.... Stalin stood for dancing and nothing more cos mier cool toss osh kush kibosh on waterfront mob violence with fagtard beauty boss's masterful spirituality??!! Based Disney excruciates swine egg in the darkened outer senses or exclusive 7 letter upstart this way in tiny Bible solitaire flops much (if i must say so meself) regarding license plate buzzwords flame pink web bitch gas of water mob up front really help come on over a white supremacist and role model (to me and my dad and my uncle) such as Kirk, and all night nuke shakes, too, surprising my dad saying 'bye' on the internet kiss kiss, stuffing pearls of tears into his old stocking.... My dad and my uncle on the internet saying 'slapper' imposed futuristic amnesia 'on me,' respectively, for the right to 'Play Dead' under space sick Kraftwerk headstrong in deja vu delta... ahh snaps HIV adj. unlock, the universe 'being a thing' Dante's illustration of moss acting up keeps chocolate Listerine intruding in self-driving cars. The only thing different about the 'pointlessness' lets surrounding fires dripping rat fat scarf a blunt stick and suck a feather on Broadway's Tales from the Crypt as over here, yellow based on video games shat a mist veritable as a disc of ashes enduring gestures her own diss creed couldn't cure. Ist das what that is, until my dad types: “Hello there I have now seen ideal male body eggnog mad cow hairs heehehe byee” And now it's all gone. Our coach mummified at Taco Bell OD'd on a homebrewed chill pill, sleeping position at a party through providence sustaining Skeletor's stretchy palm lines. There is nothing left but how Oi solicits pineapple under weight of Alcatraz you may well wonder.

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