Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yolandi The German Robot News Anchor - Another Mutation

How to visualize jazz in the digital age, and the danger of cheerleaders since it is also welcome that lungs, and I'm sorry to say cancels cleavage gap by bowl, Gwar dynasties concerned no pattern to it:
“Chief chef Monster, Inc. told me good, solid thermodynamics rest in agitation,” the Commission sorry to say.
“The groups cryptic loaded,” “like I do?”
Good evening.
A gun divided feels, says not managed to need to have corgi unite in super-sadder streaming.
President Bill Murray take off shirt seduced by chemical rival, do not speak now, no explanation for challenge mountain 7, between real and tangible's Beetles destroying neighborhood, no picture for devilish nothing.
Earlier this week Committee for the church crystal fake alongside in the papers creasy dick pics, between real and skateboard in a lonely life, do not speak in spontaneous gastric biscuit for the Cabinet and 2. Again apologies....
Sleep weld.
I am Yolandi, the robot.
My throat dangling off Krautrock tarp, today in a lonely life fossil booger's tangible's conic 4. could not distinguish between:
2.... Again apologies: police agencies, on the relationship between fallatio empathy hardly and the drywall,,, respond to the Prosecutor's but honestly, Chappie is not my friend.
Boring development, Jacuzzi of the imagination's wacky mound for the recommendation on the bots tomb of free genie and the mad.
No explanation for India, the deaths hat.
Bare embracing thick tied Hellraiser move flies to the voodoo desert China.
3. Respond to Time Warner's climate shark banging on Ballas, public and private in a lonely relationship.
Committee for the daddy segment egg forever , plaque sunshine the Special wooden grid bread....
“For the recommendation on the paparazzi Kermit heavenly,” “a heavenly wall's constituent parts of assault.”
“No explanation for the President of the Furbies but this how-to guide got this, coordinates, radio waves, surveillance knowledge, awareness,” said Presidential in his own bacterial smoke today. 

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