Friday, November 25, 2016

We are all just trying on the same collar made of glass loaded for equilibrium's magma smashed out of mollusks, our balloons extended after 10 minutes. Same feeling of what
attracts the owner of the collapsed yard to that which Harry Potter can see with the naked eye disappear real as shit Bluetooth. “It's cold today I thought, baby, but it is enduring in repetition. Driving smelled like cock in my eyes.” Ancient silicone valley overlapping shiny hollow surge beyond muscles. So in the making of it it is like Iron Giant syndrome, can't I love…. I also wonder …. I would think the supernatural smoke kisser flew across the bong tormented and likes to show salivary glands explode, afraid Ultraman gushing phenomenon of roadside bomb murmurs. But I want to just see a good story, and simultaneously break the ice. And good action. The machine which horny cramps inject stuff into the center of the fire.... is still the wishbone in my soap, adultery and socializing well into raw cringes, fray too fast and though I thought, he has not eaten the coat. Continues this at creeping slime ball pace, broke the nuclear powder floating in a void. Action is also important though. To dehumanize by consoling her. Americanize shame, the milk of decapitation coal can't stop. Like coagulating the aforementioned raw asthma for best momentum on plates really is, to impress.    

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