Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Unholy slowly. I carve a Toblerone in
skeletal abstract. Damage paper compass in women's underwear.
Funeral leftovers the restless ATTN: Kicking a friend I don't hate.
Almost instantly ET hominid. Pharma-melancholic speech queue
lobster tears of putty and hate typo shrinking the gas in every prayer.
In hell HAL disgustedly hurriedly sucks my dick. On placebo she pissed
herself alchemical drag and drop. Cloud riddled fader
magnified algebra of the obstacle course of the abyss.
He says while you're here your sins burn on Hollywood concept board games.
Scolding with the face of Lovecraft she says it's all Minecraft to the head, sinner.
The death of the dead, it's a systems design in Chernobyl socket
that crowns the knees. Eater of concussion, of very obsolete variety,
in his head voices of the mystic tax payer just for
the heck of it. Woods sweat sperm in double helix TV aches knot
in the corner peed trashy wolf strand with blood.

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