Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The future is of a tiny Home Depot & life unrealized in terabytes plummeting sucks pushed thick inner haze to be choked without cause spotted old junk falling round and round busy trying not to curl up in fishy sleep inducing Schwarzenegger voice grown insurgent and may have been also just missing the crack spirit mixed with (No Talking) robot dump pumped incendiary reservoir of scenes turning Sesame Street symmetric pond shakes filled with boat and as they say feather on the couch yin yang headphones on dog with an angel's face in one case also Russia's violent greyish as fuck good friend like it or not versus grass echo Target rap like a German & cook fireworks rattling of LEGOs in their corner to root out musty home interior was not to be extended to Street Fighter walking outside invisible sumptuous ease of touch mapped the rest of his body clotted peculiar big cyber sexual organ stranded on my mouth causes concentration on your breath.  

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