Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Makes my skin like lush television –
in space configured to flop blog
and hunt down naked human –
I recalled the vigilante death math –
a splinter exploding to escape a
pair of sharp asses – the redneck
ambrosia might be back in pocket-
size donut – Which is only
the visible, non-scary – No, no
magical taint: (The Thing's wounds
tinged a menagerie of evil doll ivory
definitely closing the door accordion-
style on Twin Peaks) – exquisite chewing
letterbox stache alive around severed
hand – I'm in hell – when I'm in agony –
associated with idiot plane as lather
hits tower's built-in twin Linux – meaning
more sex – An impostor's hollow KFC
in dream focus – to believe in its happier
grass yeah – (Family as extension of Disease)
– fear of the pointed, duke nukem umbrella
paradox lighting up Samsung Galaxy S8 –
– doesn't feel nice in your hands –
the cloud sewage falls out of
(sorrow's moving stone – a bit like
a dog's claws). 

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