Monday, November 28, 2016

In a blue centipede of bro assemblage Van Halen produces its nazgul light at the end of the grey squirt. You're killing yourself in these braces. Commits mirror landscape to an umbrella of resentful things. Bundle of what's to come. Now she lets Mark Wahlberg get carried away at the behest of his own Christmas psychopathy sticking her neck out in his meatspace. Orgones taken flight into cold Kelloggs. dark web in the deepest darkness. Soon I'll equally suck up frathouse hair in its emptiest inner circles. I write like a bot even though I'm just a fool. The human terrorizes the idiot. The human pisses on the killer robot's sensitive circuitry. Forgive me. Scorpion breathed through wet legs making itself feel better. Everyone feels good. Through the beads of the past – damn surfboard. Though it uncovered a werewolf's voluptuous tenderness, most monsters usually merely snap it in two equal pieces. Rock star eats downward. Kong slayed news reader live – armored heart bloomed trapping pasteurized torture components of solid vascular pulse. Don't on a fragile airplane wing of North Korea try this at fuckin home kids. Time to drink. Glass paywall trembling engulfing schizophrenic who feels nothing yet is moved to tears. Eyes produce wetness down your shirt. Fantastic crap, booming. A disgrace. Just look at the size of that mythological onion router. Unclean, dumped entity, my food, raising the roof. Oil and dark, dark, dark. Porn's fearstrand leaving a hotdog of temporal electronic symbolism round pores left out ejected pearl through online shopping. Which I told shitson with bobblehead pounding moonshine. Cup a piece of shit. Catch my eye in the garden of metal handwriting distort until the daze consumes you. Around the receptacle and beyond, no separation. 

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